Magnet Section

Our activities are centered around the magnets needed for existing and planned accelerator facilities at the Paul Scherrer Institute. These machines include the Proton Ring Cyclotron and its injectors, the spallation (SINQ) and ultracold neutron sources(UCN), the Swiss Light Source (SLS), the Proton Therapy Facility (PROSCAN), and the X-Ray Free-Electron laser (SwissFEL).

Our responsibilities include:

  • Magnetic and mechanical design, the construction, procurement and/or assembly of the magnets.
  • Maintain the link between the magnet manufacturers and end Users.
  • Qualify the magnetic specifications with measurements, data analysis.
  • Maintain and repair existing magnet assemblies in stalled at PSI.
  • Maintain and develop magnetic measurement systems.
  • Promote collaboration and support in our field of expertise.
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