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Paul Scherrer Institut PSI Technical Support and Coordination - Magnet Section

Paul Scherrer Institute
CH-5232 Villigen PSI
Building WMHA / WBGA
Fax +41 (0)56 310 3717

E-Mail: vjeran.vrankovic@psi.ch

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Magnet Section

Bending magnets:
  ABK01  intranet 2p   ABS  intranet 24p   AHC  intranet 7p  
  ANC  intranet 17p   AND01  intranet 38p   AND02  intranet 30p  
  AND01/02  intranet 31p   ASL  intranet 8p   ASR61  intranet 70p  
  ASR62  intranet 17p   ASR63  intranet 25p    
Steering magnets:
  SHA  intranet 10p   SMA1  intranet 61p   SMA2  intranet 12p  
  SNA  intranet 2p   SNC  intranet 5p   WMFT  intranet 57p  
  WMFU  intranet 59p      
  QHG  intranet 3p   QM  intranet 13p   QSM  intranet 87p  
  QTB  intranet 4p   QYC  intranet 136p    
  HSD  intranet 9p      
  UCN  intranet 67p      
  ABB  intranet 27p   WEU  intranet 20p   WSX  intranet 111p  
Special purpose magnets:
  AMOR  intranet 46p   COBRA_coil  intranet 14p   FAST  intranet 11p  
  SANS  intranet 22p